How We Are Handling COVID-19

As COVID-19 grows, we at Entertainment Elements are focused on the health and safety of our clients, guests, and employees to reduce the spread of it as it creates and air of uncertainty.  With this in mind, we have had to change some of our procedures but still wish to continue to provide our customers the quality service they expect.  With this in mind, here are the current changes we are making.
  1. At this time, our employees will wear masks as recommended by the CDC.
  2. When possible, we are maintaining the 6 feet distance rule between guests and clients as recommended by the CDC for social distancing.
  3. As recommended by the CDC, we will use hand sanitizer as often as necessary.
  4. Only employees will be allowed to touch the photo booth and necessary equipment to begin the sequence of taking photos.
  5. There will be no props.  We know this is a buzzkill but we cannot properly sanitize each prop between guests.
  6. Guests will receive a photo during the session.
    1. The photo printout station will be separate from the booth
    2. Our photo booth and printer will be sanitized before and after the event.  We will also sanitize these items at certain times during the event.

As time goes on, we will be updating or retracting information on this list. 

We do look forward to the day when we can provide a full service photo booth rental, but as mentioned these precautions are for the safety of our clients, guests, and employees .  Thank you for your patience in this matter and these trying times.


Geoff Page
Owner, Manager