Photo booth with car
Why Choose Entertainment Elements?
We entered the Photo Booth industry in 2009 looking for a new way to bring unique lasting memories to our clients.

We chose the Open Air Photobooth because not only can we deliver a promise of lasting memories, but because the Open Air Photobooth is professionally designed and made with high quality equipment.

What is an “Open Air Photobooth?”
The Open Air Photobooth is a professionally made photo booth without the enclosure. You can have ability for a large number of guests in the photo.  Our biggest group shot was 24!  And since it open, it's handicapped accessible.

Do you use a contract for you rentals?
Yes.  All of our services require a signed contract. The contract specifically lays out the terms of our agreement and along with the deposit, it serves as a guarantee for your date.  Without a signed contract we can't provide services.

Can I get a refund?
Yes.  If an emergency arises or we have an extreme equipment failure before your event, all monies are refunded.

Is there a travel fee?
Yes.  We charge a travel fee of .65 a mile after the first 40 miles.

Is there and attendant or do you drop it off?
Yes we provide an attendant for the duration of your event to assist your guests and to make sure all equipment stays functional.  We want everything to run smoothly.

Can we customize our photos prints?
Yes. We customize you photos with your personal logo, text and graphics at no charge.  Please view our gallery of images to view some of our customized photos.  Additionally, click on the "Choose Your Design" link see our designed Photo Strips, Postcards, Portraits, and Squares.

What does unlimited prints mean?
During the duration of your event, each time your guests takes their photos with the booth, they will receive a photo strips.  In the case of some larger groups, we can also do reprints.

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